Floating Boat Lift

Galva-Hoist Boat Lifts

Galva-Hoist is available in capacities as small as 4,500lbs and as large as 47,000lbs. Want custom? Galva-Hoist will suit your needs! Kat Racks, Walkways, Stern Platforms, Offsets and Back-in packages are easily accomodated


8,000 lb lifts and larger - the structure includes a channel on the bottom of the tank for superior strength!  Bunks are built from pressure treated lumber and marine-grade carpet for a truly stronger system supporting your hull. 

Strength and Stability

The HDPE tanks on the Galva-Hoist are constructed utilitzing hydraulic butt-fusion technology, guaranteeing leak-proof joints. Unique to the industry is the use of 3/4 thick end-caps for a truly "bullet-proof" tank.

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